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Showtime drama The L Word has released five soundtrack compilation albums. The music composer of the show is EZgirl. It features songs that were used as soundtracks from its first season.

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My only regret is not buying that Jennifer Beals L Word book while I had the chance, because it costs one thousand dollars now. Ilene Chaiken based Jenny on her own experiences as a young lesbian new to Los Angeles. What changed?

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I rejoiced last Thursday when US television network Showtime confirmed the long-awaited sequel to lesbian drama The L Word — with members of the original cast, no less. Currently lesbians are encountering something of a representation problem. Recent years have seen a dramatic uptake in the quantity of queer characters and plot lines gracing the screen, with the past six months seeing a slew of lesbian films gaining traction in the press and the box office.

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In the first episode, she shows up wearing a tiny leather vest and some string. No one in the history of clothes has ever dressed like this on purpose. Even when they weren't wearing shower curtains or beige plastic, the cast were strutting about in mirrored sunglasses, paisley bandanas, and cheesecloth shirts with birds embroidered on them why, Tina, why.

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Sign in. The directors of Avengers: Endgame reveal a jaw-dropping, unused encounter between Thanos and Captain America. Watch now.

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Maybe things will work out for these crazy kids! Now how did that happen? Processing After scooting off to a remote island with her cellmate Dusty, Helena returns to Los Angeles to tend to her mother, who was bitten by a rare jellyfish hint: You can drink now.

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The Show. The Stories. Consumption and Marketing.

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But the late-night Showtime and Cinemax and HBO sex is motivated only by a paycheck, and the performers have a hard time even mimicking the expressions of ecstasy. Their job is simply to be on display for their male co-stars, who sit watching from the sidelines, and for the men who sit watching from the comfort of home or hotel rooms. They live next door to Tim Eric Mabiusa former Olympic swimmer and now a university coach, and his newly arrived girlfriend, Jenny Mia Kirshnera young fiction writer who has just graduated from college.

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Sadly, The L Word is more confused at this moment than that never-been-kissed, grade-skipping year old who shows up on every freshman floor. That freshman girl will grow up; The L Wordhowever, is regressing into a petulant adolescence. A cursory poll shows that straight men who have so much as glimpsed the show are loath to say so, let alone Tivo it.

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Jenny debuted on-screen during the pilot episode and remained until the series' final episode. Jenny became well documented in the media for her outlandish plots. Jenny was created by series creator Ilene Chaikenloosely based on herself as a younger woman living in the lesbian community.


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